About me

I work as a product manager at Halcom d.d.. Before that I was technical product and project manager and even before that I was a computer software developer. Well, to be honest I have been a computer software developer all the time but the amount of time I spend developing the code changes with time.

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C/C++, PHP, Java, MySQL, DB2, HTML
Access, JavaScript, Webpage development
Android development
Scrum and agile development
LaTex, Perl
Web page design
This is me - IT worker

Services that I offer

Software development

I have been working in the software development business since the year 1998.

Expert witness

Expert witness is a person that helps the courts to clarify open questions for which the expert opinion is needed. My details on that matter can be found on MP page

C/C++ Teaching

I taught C/C++ for several years at CPU (Center za Poslovno Usposabljanje)

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and more Years in computer development

and more Years as an expert witness

Years of teaching


My work

I have worked on dozens of projects for different companies and institutions. Most projects were finished with my current employer (Halcom d.d.) for different clients.

My working day includes backend and frontend development, project and product management, duties related to my expert witness status.



Contact me

Darko Škerl
Ogrinova 31
1291 Škofljica